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Started in 1995, this community now consists of hundreds of players, mostly from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

All games are conducted in a chat room environment in real time. Each is moderated by a live game host. Competition can be fierce but is always friendly.

The Chat Games at are one of the latest attractions that have contributed to make the site such a popular online bingo gaming portal at the site. There are chat games that you can take the advantage of and have a nice time chatting and gaming.

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards is designed to show you the best places to play scratch cards online and also give you information on the latest bonus deals and remember, all the sites and offers listed here have been vetted by us to ensure they are safe, secure and fair for UK, AU, CAD customers.

Scratch cards are a type of lottery game that has been very popular for many years. Traditional scratch cards were made from cardboard and featured silver colored panels on the gaming side. Scratching the silver panels revealed symbols printed underneath, and if the player revealed the correct symbols (according to the rules of the scratch card in question) then they were entitled to win a cash prize. Play Scratch Cards now

Although traditional scratch cards are still available from convenience stores, social clubs and other retail outlets, the advent of internet technology has breathed new life intoscratch card games. No longer are you limited to drab and lifeless cardboard games. Instead, you can play online scratch card games that feature sound, music, animation and a whole lot more interactive fun than ever before

Video Poker

Play your favorite video poker games at: and learn how to become a video poker player – all from the comfort of your computer.

A game with no clear point of origin, Video Poker seems to have emerged as several games involving cards and / or dominos and bluffing merged together to eventually become what we call poker. However, while the history of the card version of poker can’t be pinpointed easily, the history of video poker can. Check it now!

The game of video poker entered the electronic media arena between 15 and 20 years ago as the once famous card came began to regain popularity. It first took shape in the form of simple hand-held games, migrated thru the stages of arcade-style machines found in casinos, and finalized itself online via the computers of players worldwide – online video poker. You can try at:

Pull Tabs

Want to play the hottest pulltab games? You found it good place. At: you can play the best pull tabs ever.

Online Pull Tabs is the online version of pulling tabs for a prize, similar to scratching tickets to win an instant prize, which is what you would play in the real world. Online PullTabs are no different, the simplicity and excitement of playing and winning is just the same!

Remember that online pull tabs is a game of chance, and there is no real strategy to it: so we wish you all the luck in the world! Play now at:


Roulette is a simple and fun game to play at all online casinos. Roulette, meaning “small wheel“, consists of a wheel, a ball and a table marked with separate boxes containing numbers in non sequential order. You can place bets on any particular number or a set of numbers. Once you have placed your bet(s), clicking on the Spin button initiates play and the ball is released in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. When the ball stops in one of the numbers, you win if your bet was placed on that number.

In most online casinos there are two versions of Roulette are available to play: Roulette or American Roulette and European Roulette. The main differences between the two games are the numbers on the wheels and the types of bets that you can place. Roulettehas both a single zero (“0”) and a double zero (“00”) while European Roulette only has a single zero (“0”).

The game evolved to include a spinning wheel with numbered slots and a numbered table. In American Roulette, the wheel is spun counter-clockwise and then a ball is spun clockwise around the wheel. Eventually, the ball drops into one of the wheel’s numbered slots. Players place bets on the numbered table in an attempt to determine which number or color the ball will land on.

Are you looking for slots? That’s the good place where you are.

Slot machines were invented by Charles Fey, a car mechanic, who wanted a game that would amuse his customers while they waited for their cars to be fixed. These first slot machines were made of cast iron and massive in size. His first three machines were slot machines that paid out at about 1/5 per cent and became hugely successful. People soon started coming to Fey’s shop just to play his slot machines even without cars to fix! When Fey saw that his slot machines were so popular, he decided to sell them to a local toy manufacturer, who would mass market them to all the casinos. The slot machine has not looked back since and although the idea is still the same; the technology and payouts of slot machines have increased dramatically. Today’s online slot machines are more sophisticated, but are still easy, fun to play, and offer bigger jackpots than ever before.

Slot machines are among the most popular online casino games on the planet. There are hundreds and hundreds of online slots games to choose from at a wide variety of online casinos to play them at. If you want to find the best slots casinos and games, look no further. Our experts are always blogging about their favorite games, casinos and loads more. So bookmark, stay in the know and get the best advice, tips and tricks to playing one of the worlds most popular games: slots online!

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