Scratch Cards

Scratch CardsĀ is designed to show you the best places to play scratch cards online and also give you information on the latest bonus deals and remember, all the sites and offers listed here have been vetted by us to ensure they are safe, secure and fair for UK, AU, CAD customers.

Scratch cards are a type of lottery game that has been very popular for many years. Traditional scratch cards were made from cardboard and featured silver colored panels on the gaming side. Scratching the silver panels revealed symbols printed underneath, and if the player revealed the correct symbols (according to the rules of the scratch card in question) then they were entitled to win a cash prize. Play Scratch Cards now

Although traditional scratch cards are still available from convenience stores, social clubs and other retail outlets, the advent of internet technology has breathed new life intoscratch card games. No longer are you limited to drab and lifeless cardboard games. Instead, you can play online scratch card games that feature sound, music, animation and a whole lot more interactive fun than ever before

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